Thursday, 27 December 2012


PAS and DAP are head-on now on the using the word 'ALLAH' issue as DAP harps on it to gain the Christian votes while PAS stand firm on its fundamentals that the word 'ALLAH' is sacred to Muslims. The difference in this issue is threatening the political relationship between the two parties that may see each going their own way come the general election. PAS is now hardening its stand as the party sees the racial and religious divide in the multi-racial Malaysia has taken a new twist as political parties – of course the opposition DAP – is playing to the gallery. 

For PAS, despite having its own setbacks, particularly the edict issued by president Abdul Hadi Awang, the party still maintains its support among Malay grassroots who are either fundamentalists or leftists in religious views. DAP is not banking on PKR to lend support knowing very well the multi-racial party is heading nowhere as its support among the Malays declined very much and its Chinese supporters are either running to DAP itself or MCA while the Indians are seeking 'greener pastures'. Left with few Malays, Indians and Chinese who are leaders or generals without soldiers, and headed by Anwar Ibrahim whose ambition to become Prime Minister knows no limits or boundaries, DAP seems to have lost trust there. Given the fact that PKR Malays in Penang especially do not trust Lim Guan Eng as reflected by PKR state chief who is also Deputy Chief Minister 1 Mansor Othman, DAP has to act fast to prevent the erosion of support and replacing the loses through other means. Like a business plan, DAP is now playing the religion card, using the word 'ALLAH' to attract Christians of different political ideologies to replace the lost support caused by PKR. But in doing so, the party has caused a rift, a real religious rift that will affect the whole of oppositions' chance of winning what more retaining whatever seats they are having at present. 

The religious rift may also see Malays in DAP, a handful only, going to the establishment or PAS in the quiet of course, because the issue also affects their faith. As PAS information chief said that Christians should not use it in the Alkitab, claiming that it does not reflect the actual meaning of "God" in the original text, adding that using the word "Allah" in the Alkitab will confuse both Christians and Muslims. Of course, Anwar as usual flew in like a hero, calling for an urgent meeting of all opposition leaders to solve the issue. Hopefully Anwar does not behave like the Malay proverb says 'saperti tikus membaiki labu', literally means like rats trying to fix pumpkin, which result in more damages.

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Friday, 7 December 2012


PKR vice-president Chua Jui Meng has again shot at the wrong foot when he claimed that the National Petroleum Fund (NPF) has not even been set up to secure the future of Malaysians when the oil wells run dry.

His claimed did not only reflect his shallow knowledge on the issue that he intended to raise to rally support or at present prevent the declining support his party and the opposition are facing but made him look like a fool.

Chua had question the existence of such fund in Free Malaysia Today (FMT) on Nov 7, claiming further that only the Prime Minister is privy to PETRONAS accounts.

In fact, his claims, made probably with the purpose to divert the heavy onslaught the oppositions are facing with the revelations of their weaknesses, has made him look un-intelligent given the fact he was a former minister of the Cabinet.
Reliable sources revealed that the National Trust Fund (NTF) or also known as Kumpulan  Wang Amanah Negara (KWAN) was established on 19 February, 1988, under the National Trust Fund Act 1988 (Act 339).

They said the Act was enacted by Yang Dipertuan Agong with the advice and consent of Dewan Negara and Dewan Rakyat in Parliament. They added that the NTF was established, amongst others, to ensure optimum utilisation of the depleting natural resources of the country with the view to provide a continuous source of revenue for the benefit of future generations.

"Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has been entrusted to manage and administer the NTF to ensure that it is properly managed and invested. Under the Act, contribution to the NTF is not only made by PETRONAS but amongst others, also by any State in Malaysia which derives any form of royalty from exploitation of petroleum or other depleting resources," one of them added.

The sources said since the establishment of the NTF, PETRONAS has been the only contributor to the NTF and until 2010, has been contributing RM100 million per annum into the NTF. They added that PETRONAS had recently raised the bar and made a commitment for its onward contribution until 2020 on a formula based on Weighted Average Realised Price of Oil.
"Based on this, PETRONAS' contribution in 2011 (paid in March 2012) was RM1 billion. Thus far, NTF's total asset has been derived entirely from PETRONAS.
"Information pertaining to the NTF has been publically made known via PETRONAS media releases and similar explanations have been given as response to a parliamentary question in June 2011," one of the sources added. 

On the claim that only the Prime Minister is privy to PETRONAS' accounts and finances, Chua has again made himself looked like he is ignorant of government procedures and access to information.

A source said as a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1965, PETRONAS is required to prepare its financial reports in accordance with the rules and regulations prescribed by the Companies Commission of Malaysia.
"These financial reports are audited by internationally accredited auditors and prepared based on global accounting standards.
"PETRONAS also publishes its financial reports annually and these reports are made available on PETRONAS' website and could be downloaded by members of the public.
"In addition, PETRONAS also announces its quarterly financial results to the media, which then gets reported in all major dailies and financial newspapers.
"And all these are also available on PETRONAS websites," he added.
About the claim of giving away two oil fields to Brunei, for Chua's and public's information,  the "2 oil fields" referred to are in actual fact two exploration blocks which then were disputed between Malaysia and Brunei.
This matter has been resolved between the two countries in an Exchange of Letters, which include a mutually beneficial commercial arrangement.

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Monday, 3 December 2012



Johor PKR youth chief…just a youth chief named Shamsuddin said Anwar Ibrahim is the only person who is acceptable by all levels of population to become the Prime Minister. He said in Pakatan Rakyat everything could be discussed and settled. Obviously this guy is just low level guy who is not privy to the discssions and happenings at higher level and he also does not read the newspapers or portals where leaders of PAS and DAP are lashing out at each other on averything and anything. 

He is obviously at a very low level to the extent that he does not know the feelings of people and surroundings and the development of issues that are being raised and debated. And it is such people that are supporting Anwar and gang because they just do not read nor listen to others but merely follow those above their positions…they are what others call as foot soldiers. Ask no questions but just follow…they may not even know any political philosophy or principles and they may even know what constitutes corruptions and so on. But they are the ones that Anwar put as 'foot-soldiers', the front-liners that would go from house-to-house to campaign, besides others like members of the women's wing. Such people just follow Anwar blindly as they are not exposed to the other side of the story as normally, such people would not want to open their minds to other avenue of information. They fear their mind would be 'corrupted with new and true exposures' or their leaders just wanted them to stay stupid so that they can easily manipulate without these people asking questions. Like it or not, people like Shamsuddin are the ones PKR leaders liked to have as they are loyal (obviously blindly) and follow instructions (blindly too) and are willing to sacrifice their time and not money (because such people may not have money even for themselves and depending on the leaders to give them). Thus, his words to the ceramah that he gave probably only convince those who are in the same league…while above that league would just cajole him to continue talking by clappings and cheering. After all, the PKR leaders have nothing to lose but for Shamsuddin, he has everything to lose, besides image and credibility, he would lose pride.

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Membaca tajuk tulisan "Ayuh Boikot: Red Warrior Iblis UMNO" yang dipaparkan oleh laman sesawang pastinya membuatkan ramai dikalangan kita terpaku kelu kemudian menggeleng kepala antara percaya atau tidak.

Sejak dulu hingga kini, sudah menjadi tabie semulajadi penyokong Pakatan Rakyat untuk memanggil orang lain dengan gelaran atau panggilan buruk sekiranya tidak cocok dengan pemikiran mereka.

Itu antara trademark yang sudah sebati dalam jiwa raga penyokong PR yang agak sukar dikikis gara-gara sikap kurang ajar yang terbentuk dari didikan pemimpin mereka selama ini sama ada melalui ceramah politik mahupun demonstrasi jalanan.

Lihat sajalah kekecohan yang penyokong PR timbulkan semasa demonstrasi jalanan Bersih 2.0 dan 3.0 serta semasa mereka menyambut sambutan ambang malam merdeka, habis janaham ketenteraman dan imej kesantunan rakyat Malaysia dibuatnya.

Jadi tidaklah pelik sangat apabila kali ini lidah online PR melalui laman sesawang tiba-tiba sahaja menghambur kemarahan dan menggelar penyokong bola sepak Kelantan sebagai iblis selepas kejayaan pasukan bola sepak itu dikaitkan dengan UMNO.

Jelas PR tidak dapat menerima kenyataan apabila Timbalan Ketua Bahagian UMNO Ketereh, YB Md Alwi menegaskan salah satu faktor sebab kebangkitan pasukan bola sepak Kelantan, The Red Warrior (TRW) adalah kerana keprihatinan UMNO.

Tak cukup dengan gelaran iblis, dihasutnya pula supaya rombakan besar-besaran dilaksanakan dalam Persatuan Bolasepak Amatur Kelantan (KAFA) dengan menyingkirkan pemimpin UMNO, Tan Sri Annuar Musa yang dikenali ramai sebagai Bapa Pembangunan Bolasepak Kelantan.

Annuar Musa, Ketua Bahagian UMNO Ketereh sejak mengambil alih jawatan Presiden KAFA diakui umum amat besar jasanya sehingga berjaya merubah TRW daripada pasukan belasahan kini mencipta fenomena Gelombang Merah yang menimbulkan kegerunan dikalangan pasukan lawan.

Dua kali menjuarai Piala Malaysia dan tahun ini merekodkan kejayaan treble, semuanya disebabkan kebijaksanaan pemimpin UMNO itu serta faktor dorongan, sokongan serta sumbangan kewangan yang diperolehi dari UMNO & Kerajaan Pusat.

Nak mengharapkan PR tolong selesaikan masalah kewangan yang pernah melanda pasukan TRW, jangan haraplah, tunggu kucing tumbuh tanduk pun belum tentu. Segala macam derma dan sumbangan kewangan yang mereka perolehi lebih banyak diguna pakai untuk kepentingan pemimpinnya.

Mujurlah ada UMNO dan pemimpinnya dengan keprihatinan Kerajaan Pusat untuk membantu TRW bangkit dari bawah dan kini gah berjaya di persada kegemilangan.

Namun bila PR menyedari kejayaan TRW turut memberi impak positif ke arah menyemarakkan Gelombang Merah yang dipelopori UMNO sebagaimana pernah terbukti dalam PRK Galas, Gua Musang pada 2010, tak pasal-pasal pasukan bola sepak itu digelar dengan panggilan iblis.

Satu penghinaan besar dan amat menjatuhkan maruah rakyat Kelantan, sukar untuk dimaafkan sementelah lagi penghinaan sebegini bukanlah pertama kali dilakukannya.

Tidak berapa lama dulu PR juga pernah menghina rakyat Sabah dengan memperlekehkan tarian tradisional Sumazau selepas melihat tarian tersebut ditarikan oleh Perdana Menteri dalam satu majlis keramaian.

Sekarang rakyat Kelantan pula dicuit dan dihina, jika beginilah gayanya usahlah PR berangan untuk pergi lebih jauh dalam arena politik tanahair. Eloklah bersedia menerima penghukuman dari rakyat dalam PRU 13.

Politik yang tidak berhikmah dan tidak berhemah bukan acuan rakyat Malaysia, ia hanya sesuai untuk melampiaskan nafsu amarah PR dan pemimpinnya saja.

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